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Gift Guide: For the Traveler in Your Life

gift guide for travelers

It’s hard to believe (especially in Florida) but the holidays are fast approaching.  As I’m always on the hunt for new ideas on what to get friends and family, today I thought I would round up gift ideas for the traveler in your life.  Most of these are tried and true favorites of mine that I’ve received or purchased over the years and use in my travels frequently.  I hope this gives you some ideas for those hard to shop for people on your list.

Gifts for Every Traveler



  1. Samsonite Silhouette: A well made carry on bag makes travel a breeze.  This one is lightweight, fits a lot and glides through airport crowds with ease.

  2. Swell Bottle: A refillable water bottle to take through security that keeps beverages hot or cold all day long.  Available in a variety of size and colors.

  3. Electronics Bag: A bag handy for organizing all your chargers and chords in your carry-on bag to prevent the endless digging and untangling of chords.

  4. Kindle Paper White: Store hundreds of books on this space saving device to read on airports, on planes and on the beach at your destination!
  5. External Battery Charger: Long travel days require some extra charge.  This prevents you from getting stuck without a battery source for your smart phone or other critical electronics.

Gifts for the Outdoor Lover

  1. North Face Backpack: I received this backpack for my birthday to use for traveling and hiking.  I love its smaller profile and handy pockets.
  2. Patagonia Hat: For bad hair days or to protect your face from the sun while outdoors all day, Patagonia has a great selection of caps.
  3. Wool Hiking Socks: I didn’t always understand the need for good wool hiking socks until I owned them.  Dan and I both love this brand to wear while hiking.  Available in mens and womens in a variety of colors.
  4. Solar Power Bank: Perfect for long hikes, this solar power bank recharges in the sun and will keep all of your electronics running.
  5. National Park Pass: This park pass grants entrance to over 2,000 federal recreation sites in the US.

 Gifts for the Travel Photographer

  1. ONA Camera Bag: I own and love this camera bag because it can pass as a typical travel bag and will hold your camera plus an additional lens.
  2. Tripod: A lightweight tripod is critical for capturing landscapes and low light scenes.
  3. Wide Angle Lens: I love this wide angle lens for capturing interiors and travel shots that just can’t be captured with your standard lens
  4. Cell phone camera lenses: For someone who doesn’t want to lug around their DSLR camera on every sightseeing adventure, but still wants more flexibility with their phone camera
  5. Lens Filter Accessory Kit: Filters to reduce glare and correct lighting while protecting the lens.  Ensure you buy the proper lens size and thread.

 Travel Related Stocking Stuffers



  1. Travel Adapter: Necessary for international travel, it never hurts to have an extra of these in your suitcase!
  2. Comfortable Eye Mask: For light sleeps to use these on long flights and in hotel rooms.  This brand is comfortable and doesn’t press against your eyelashes.
  3. Travel Compression Socks: These highly rates compression socks are helpful to reduce swelling and improve circulation on long flights or after an intense day of hiking.
  4. Fitbit Activity Tracker: Whether wandering city streets or hiking mountains, it is always nice to keep track of your activity on vacation.
  5. Noise Canceling Ear Buds: A good set of earbuds are necessary on flights and during layovers.

For the traveler that has everything, try a gift card to, an airline or to cover other travel related expenses!  I always appreciate the gift of travel!  I hope this helped give you some ideas for the upcoming holidays.  What is on your travel-related wish list this year?

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Gift Guide for Travelers

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