About Me

Hi, I’m Jacki!  I grew up in a small university town in the midwest United States, surrounded by corn and soybean fields.  In college, I had the fortunate opportunity to go on a summer study abroad program in Florence, Italy and my life has never been the same.

It was in Italy that I discovered a passion for travel, exploring new cultures and seeing the world.  After graduation, I moved to Florida and have been on a quest to see as many places as possible with my wonderful travel partner/husband in between our full time jobs.

This blog is a documentation of the places I’ve been, and the tips and tricks I’ve picked up on the way.  Travel doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate.  Most of my photos are taken with my phone, I love exploring local craft breweries over dining at fancy restaurants and believe travel should be accessible to everyone!  That’s the beautiful thing about travel, you can fit it to your lifestyle and interests and no matter your travel style it will surely enrich your life.  I hope you leave feeling inspired to book a trip of your own!